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Get to know me!


A bit about me, my story and my interests...

The outdoors has been a great interest of mine since I was little: going on family camping trips, cub camps, building dens and roasting marshmallows! As I reached adulthood I started to venture a little further, wild camping, solo hikes, scrambling, climbing, running and much more. 

I have found the UK hills and mountains to be a source of calmness and a place to rejuvenate. But also a place to be active, feel motivated, challenge myself and find inner determination. I would love to have more time, energy and accessibility to the mountains but for now it is something I thoroughly enjoy as a pastime around work and study. 

I also use this interest as a way of managing my ADHD and have found it to be a useful tool to overcome many mental health struggles I had in my teenage years. I'm not super fit, or an adrenaline junky, I don't use every spare second of my life to be outdoors, nor do I want to spend every spare second of my life outdoors. But the journey that the outdoors has taken me on in the past few years is one I am very appreciative and proud of. 

Check out my recent blog posts, gallery pictures, and gear reviews! Please get in contact with your thoughts or if you want to collaborate. Thank you. Happy reading!

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